Day 2 – Vitré to Fontevraud-l’Abbaye

Saturday 14th May – Ride Day 2:


Big Cogs France en Velo Day 2

Day Two of St Malo – Nice saw us take on 120 miles today from Vitre to Fontevraud l’Abbaye in glorious weather again, possibly even a little too hot !


After an early 6.30 breakfast the start was delayed as Clarky had a puncture caused by failed rim tape (that continued to plague him with another flat an hour in and a detour to a bike shop at lunch time) but we cracked on at an average 16mph that saw us arrive, fatigued, at the hotel at 6.30.


Another fabulous route on deserted quality roads but with relatively unspectacular views, other than the beautiful small towns, until we hit the Loire after lunch at Chalonnes-Sur-Loire and from there the views were enhanced by the river.


En route we had a long coffee stop at Segre (inc pizza, pain aux chocolate and fruit from the market), Denee (where Miles & Jonathan treated us to some of the best ‘hand made’ ham, cheese & tomato baguettes we’ve ever eaten) and Le Toureil (a lovely town on the side of the Loire but we were too tired to appreciate it !).


The hotel is absolutely fabulous and next to the abbey where Richard the lion heart & Henry II are buried. We knew Tim had selected a good one when we saw the collection of Ferraris in the car park 


A great al-fresco meal after a swim in a freezing pool (to help the muscles!) and we’re almost ready for another early start and another 120 miles tomorrow .